UNSOLVED RoboFont main window doesn't appear after app start

  • After installing the latest RoboFont 3.4beta on my Catalina 10.15.4 I can't really use the RoboFont. After starting it there appears no main window at all. The process is running though (ps ax). In the logs there are strange strange errors:
    How to deal with the problem? Any workarounds?

  • admin


    could you elaborate 'no main window at all'?

    When RoboFont is launched on your computer only a menu bar appears. You should be able to open a new document or open existing ufos.

    Alternatively you start up RoboFont with shift down: no external scripts or extension will be installed.

    Is there anything in the log?
    see https://robofont.com/documentation/how-tos/submitting-bug-reports/#console-logs

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