SOLVED How to copy anchors from one font to another

  • Hi!
    Is it possible to copy all anchors with there (x, y) positions from one font to another?

  • hello @horashann,

    yes, this can be done with a simple script:

    # get source and destination fonts
    srcFont = AllFonts().getFontsByFamilyName('MyFontFamily').getFontsByStyleName('Regular')[0]
    dstFont = AllFonts().getFontsByFamilyName('MyFontFamily').getFontsByStyleName('Italic')[0]
    # iterate over selected glyphs in the source font
    for glyphName in srcFont.selectedGlyphNames:
        # get the source glyph
        srcGlyph = srcFont[glyphName]
        # if the glyph doesn't have any anchors, skip it
        if not len(srcGlyph.anchors):
        # get the destination glyph
        dstGlyph = dstFont[glyphName]
        # iterate over all anchors in the source glyph
        for anchor in srcGlyph.anchors:
            # copy anchor to destination glyph
            dstGlyph.appendAnchor(, (anchor.x, anchor.y))
    # done!

    make sure to replace MyFontFamily and Regular / Italic with the family name and style names of your fonts.