UNSOLVED Prepolator: shortcuts for previous/next glyph don't work

  • I am unable to jump to the next or previous glyph when a contour is selected in Prepolator. If I press cursor up or down I get an alert sound.
    This works fine in the stand-alone version.

    Prepolator 1.4.2 on RF3.3 and RF3.5b

  • Thank you. That's great to hear Frederik.

    Please wait a little with pushing an update. I encountered a bunch of small errors that you might want to have a look at too. Will post them shortly.

  • admin

    a fix should be in your mechanic shortly!!

    I was unaware the arrow keys didnt work when the glyph previews view was active!

  • But that makes checking and correcting a font with 100s of glyphs incredibly tiresome! In the stand-alone version I was able to have the outline active and quickly jump to another glyph at any time. Just with the keyboard - no clicking required.

    Please consider bringing back this functionality because it seriously harms Prepolator's usability now.

  • admin

    up and down arrows works when either the glyph list or the glyph previews view is selected.