UNSOLVED STAT table resources?

  • Heya Guys,
    I have a question that is not so RoboFont-specific.
    Do you know any nice/helpful resources (except the opentype spec) and tools that could help me in creating STAT table for VFs?

    I hate this stuff already. I'm trying to produce a script that will create a nice STAT table names based on instance naming for VFs with more than 1 axis. The naming is generating quite well. But then I'm trying to export VF, and everything gets messed up.

    I've tried to use this library and it feels buggy or I'm doing something wrong.
    Anyways, after a week of wasting my time on it, I decided to ask you guys for help: do you happen to know if there is any place/ any tool that could help me with this stuff?


  • looks promising, will check it out

  • admin

    Did you had a look at Just latest additions to fontTools

    from fontTools.fontBuilder import FontBuilder
    fb = FontBuilder()
    fb.setupStat(axes, locations)

    see docs: https://github.com/fonttools/fonttools/blob/master/Lib/fontTools/otlLib/builder.py#L667-L748