SOLVED Glyph Builder Auto Unicodes issue with uniXXXX names

  • Hi,
    When I run the following Glyph Builder (“Auto Unicode” checkbox checked) the resulting glyph uniE003 has no unicode value:

    uniE003 = x & y & z

  • admin

    fixed inside RoboFont: will be implemented in the next release!!!

  • Thank you, much appreciated

  • hi @martin, I wasn’t aware that the Add Glyphs sheet can handle such names automatically, thanks for pointing that out.

    autoUnicodes() does currently not handle uniXXXX or uXXXXX names automatically. I agree it would be nicer to add it there (so it’s also available when scripting) instead of re-implementing it in Glyph Construction.

    I’ve created an issue for it — thanks!

  • Hi @gferreira ,

    May I knit pick a bit? :) If I add a glyph named uniE003 via Font > Add Glyphs the unicode of E003 is added automatically. My understanding was that unicode values are added by autoUnicodes() using the same logic. Thus, a unicode value is added if

    • the glyphname is present in AGL/GNUFL
    • the glyphname is uniXXXX or uXXXXX (wether PUA or not)

    Would it not make sense to drop the differentiation between pua and non-pua glyphs. Users don’t always know by heart if a particular value belongs to one range or another ;)

  • hello @martin,

    glyph.autoUnicodes() uses the AGL (or GNUFL) to get the unicode value for a given glyph name. but this is a PUA codepoint, so it is not included there…

    it works if you assign the unicode value explicitly:

    uniE003 = x & y & z | E003


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