Bug opening Glyph window

  • After opening a generated font file (.woff but I believe I have the same experience with opening a .ttf), double clicking a glyph causes an error. All functions of RoboFont seem to work, except for opening a Glyph window. It sometimes takes more than 2 minutes to open the Glyph window. Once the Glyph window is opened, the window itself is not selectable (I can move it, but it never becomes active, and I can't select any node), also the Glyph window doesn't hide from Finder when all applications are hidden and I can't move it out of my screen (it will jump back to be fully shown). The Glyph window even remains open after the font itself is closed. After opening the Glyph window, the Font Collection window afterwards also becomes inactive. RoboFont doesn't crash or totally freeze, but I can't activate any window anymore (so I need to force quit). It happens with some font files, but not with all. I never had this experience after opening u UFO. Restarting doesn't solve this problem.

    I believe the problem only occurs for glyphs which have curves.

    Is the problem in the files, or in (my local) RoboFont?

    Could it be a problem the way RoboFont interprets TrueType outline data?

  • admin

    Cause the ttf will have splines with more then 2 off curves :)

  • Okay. So why does RoboFont 'freeze' while opening a glyph with curves?

  • admin

    RoboFont is not checking what kind of data is inside a woff file.
    This will be added in the next version.

    RoboFont is converting ttf splines curves to 2 offcurves splines.That has to be done when a woff contains an embedded ttf.
    see http://doc.robofont.com/documentation/workflow/opening-fonts/

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