SOLVED Ghost start up item

  • A few days ago Robofont crashed on me repeatedly. After the first time, upon restarting one of my fonts defaulted to being a "start up" item and was opened. After a couple more crashes I checked and saw that I needed to update the program. I did so, but the "ghost" start up item is still there. More annoying than debilitating, but I just wanted to make sure it was not a symptom of something else. Also, poking around I noticed that there is an autosave cache located somewhere. Would clearing that (can you do that?) help this issue? Cheers

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    good it disappeared!


  • Hello, apologies for the late reply. Thank you for pointing out that the "ghost" was likely a Mac feature. Whatever cache that was in has apparently cleared, as my ghost is now gone. I suppose it is a "feature" for when Mac senses an application has crashed? Sorry to be a bother. Didn't think it was something serious, but it had never happened before, so I was curious.

    I was going to upload my log to this, but I don't have the privileges necessary to do so. If you would still like it I'm happy to send in any manner convenient for you.


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    could you check or send me your console log? and see if there tracebacks.


    RoboFont does not reopen previously opened documents, this is a feature of macOS see


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