SOLVED TTF & OTF types next letter on keyboard instead of one being typed

  • I have set up a regular Latin set of characters, and did the basic kerning (haven't done kerning pairs yet) but just wanted to test what I have. As soon as I install the TTF or OTF and test it, it types the next letter on the keyboard ex. if I type A, it appears as B, C appears as D ect. Any idea how to trouble shoot this?

  • Ran into this recently and wanted to add that I required a '.notdef' glyph, additionally, in order to export correctly as a ttf.

  • hi @HB888,

    I came across this same problem today – my font was missing the space glyph, which is required when generating OpenType fonts. adding this glyph fixed the problem. hope this helps!

  • hello @HB888,

    it sounds like your glyphs have wrong unicode values. you can check them using the Inspector panel – for example, the unicode for A must be 0041, for B must be 0042, etc:

    Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 09.38.50.png

    if the unicodes are off, you can set them automatically in the selected glyphs using this simple script:

    font = CurrentFont()
    for glyph in font.selectedGlyphs:

    please give this a try, and let us know if it solves the problem.