OpenType tables causes corrupt font

    1. .otf generated with FDK
    2. That .otf opened in RoboFont
    3. Generate a new .otf in RoboFont

    result > RoboFont generates an .otf but this font ain't installable, also the preview in osx looks totally fucked up. Can't use this font.

    If I do the same in FontLab, during generating FontLab gives a warning:
    "Which data you want to use while generating OpenType font? Current font contains both OpenType features definition and imported binary OpenType tables". Pick one choice (Compiled/Binary) and the generated font works fine.

    I am not 100% sure what this actually means. Did I do something wrong in FDK while generating the font? And is there a way that RoboFab can handle this?

  • admin

    its idd not the best solution have to come up with a better and more clever way to handle this issue....

  • Indeed, this works. Pfff… thanks.

  • admin

    The font get messed up cause there is a nominal width set in the font info. If you set this back to zero it should go fine.