UNSOLVED Test Install: Font only available for short time

  • MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
    RoboFont v3.4

    I can Test Install my font and access within both Illustrator and InDesign. However, the font becomes unavailable after about 1 minute or less.

    I do not close the RoboFont window nor quit RoboFont. I also do not receive an error in RoboFont.

    I do receive a "This font is not available..." notice within the design software after a short time and my test font stops displaying.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

    Thank you.

  • @frederik I too have this issue of test installed fonts becoming unavailable after some time. The time they are available varies, sometimes they are gone quickly, other times they hold somewhat longer. Would you have any updates for that issue?

  • admin

    FYI: this will be tested when RoboFont 4 is going to be tested for release on different macOSs.

  • @kfdesign @frederik I'm having the same issue and I too have Catalina installed. No error reported.

  • I have tried deleting my RoboFont preferences file and also deleting and reinstalling the RoboFont Application. Unfortunately, my issue with Test Installed fonts becoming unavailable within 60 seconds of creating them persists.
    If anyone has any further suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

  • @frederik Thank you for your reply.
    I checked the log but do not see anything that looks like an error.

    11/11/2020 08:39:32 >   OUTPUT > ROBOFONT >> --------------------
                                              >> makeotf Report
                                              >> makeotf [Note] setting the USE_TYPO_METRICS OS/2 fsSelection bit 7 from fontinfo keyword.
                                              >> makeotf [Note] setting the WEIGHT_WIDTH_SLOPE_ONLY OS/2 fsSelection bit 8 from fontinfo keyword.
                                              >> makeotf [Note] setting the OBLIQUE OS/2 fsSelection bit 9 from fontinfo keyword.
                                              >> Built development mode font 'tmp8zs58p5b.otf'.
                                              >> --------------------

    I am a new user and have had this issue from the first time that I used Test Install.
    Perhaps I should reinstall the software?

  • admin

    strange... when a ufo document is closed the test installed fonts will be deinstalled. A test installed font should be active as long as the document is open.

    Is there anything in the log file? get it here https://robofont.com/documentation/how-tos/submitting-bug-reports/#console-log

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