SOLVED Hide Specific Points

  • Hey, this is probably a dumb question but is there a way to hide specific points in a glyph? @ryan had a good idea, to just hide all points and redraw them using mojo.drawingTools which seems like the only way to go about this. TIA, C

  • admin

    I would hide the other points while a surgeon point is placed. Unhide when the operation is cancelled or when a surgeon point gets promoted to a real point.

  • It's a very specific use-case, but I'm updating my BezierSurgeon tool and it draws a faux-onCurve point along with new faux-offCurves. I didn't want the real points to interfere with the ones being drawn by the tool. See video for example

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    mmm, strange question :) hidding points and redrawing is the best option, I guess. Could you give a use case why hiding specific points?

    from mojo.UI import setGlyphViewDisplaySettings
    setGlyphViewDisplaySettings({"On Curve Points": False, "Off Curve Points": False})

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