SOLVED If I make a "new set from glyph names" but don’t put glyph names in right away, I can’t add/edit glyph names

  • This is a tiny bug that I’ve run into relatively frequently, for several years:

    1. I click the bottom-left gear icon, then select Create new set from glyph names
    2. I enter a name for the group, e.g. basic-english-lowercase or whatever
    3. I hit my return key to make this group, partly just out of instinct
    4. I then realize that I haven’t added glyph names yet
    5. I try to but can’t add or edit the glyph names, so I am stuck with an empty group. I have to delete that empty group, then repeat the process, going more slowly so I make sure to add glyph names.

    I’m hoping this is something that can be fixed without too much difficulty. Until then, is there something I could do to edit glyph names in an empty group?


  • @frederik Awesome, thanks!

  • admin

    ah I see fixed in the next version of RF!!


  • Ah, sorry – I failed to mention that in the original post, but it doesn’t work when I double-click on a smart set item that was created without glyph names. I instead have to delete the smart set, then make a new one, more carefully. It’s not disastrous, but just not working as I would expect it to.

  • admin

    Double click the smart set item should open either a sheet with glyph names or a open the rule editor with the query preset. You can save the query to the same smart item.

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