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    ROBOFONT FOUR has been my top priority since the public beta of Big Sur. Changes of the OS required a complete rewrite of the drawing engine underlying RoboFont. This has been a ton of work, but we have taken it as an opportunity to dramatically improve not only performance, but also drawing related features, to many unique and exciting curve drawing related possibilities. We believe we will set a new standard for the future of type design with some of these features.

    Currently the beta testers are helping us to figure out what we need to improve in this big transition, and we are working hard on this. Public beta's will be announced soon!

    The initial release of RoboFont 4.0 will focus on drawing and the glyph editor. Next version will focus on the Font Overview and space center.

    This is a massive amount of work, much of which we haven’t asked, planned or budgeted for. For many of you, we’re afraid the upgrade to RF4 will not be free, but we’re doing our best to ease the blow through progressive upgrade pricing.

    If you bought RoboFont 3 between July 2020 and the day RoboFont 4 is released, it will cost €0 to upgrade.

    If you have a RoboFont 3 license you will get 50% discount. Off course you can always opt in to pay full price :)

    We are sure you have many questions — both right now, and once the public beta is out. We are currently working on improving our communications with you, and are looking into new ways to stay in touch with all our users.

    To reiterate, we feel your frustration with RoboFont's performance under Big Sir, and we’re working really hard to solve that in RoboFont 4. Our internal betas are blazingly fast.

    Enjoy and see you soon!

    Yours sincerely

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    yes, Im getting very much closer to a RF4 release :)

    Im not pinning a date.
    The latest RF 3 runs on M1, as far as Ive tested, not with the full lightning speed of RF4.

  • Hey, Jérémie’s question deserves an answer, doesn’t it? There are a lot of people with the same thoughts.

    Any type of answer will do. But not silence.

  • Hi frederik,
    4 months later… how close are we to see the release of RF4.0? We need upgrade the computers and I am very tempted by the new M1 chip based iMac and MacBook but, since our whole workflow relies on UFO, if I cannot run RF on it, these machines will be useless.
    Do you have a hint of when is this near future, please? :)
    And how will it look like? Full RF update from the start? Gradual steps of releases? What is the plan?

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