SOLVED Multiple replacement rule in .designspace

  • Is is possible to replace a glyph twice in rules?
    If yes, how would that <conditionset> and <sub> look like?

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    every gap inbetween is infinite, how small it might be... and will result in a flickering default glyph.

    I guess it depends more on how you set up your instances: if you have an instance at 300-700 then I would rather change the rule to substitute at 300-701 701-1000 instead, so you know what you get at the instance.

  • A comment about the code above.
    Since interpolations use fractions, I would recommend to change the conditions to 300-700 / 700-1000, otherwise one will get a flickering default glyph.
    Is there a reason to not do this but rather do 300-700 / 700.1-1000?
    It seems to work fine.

  • Thanks @frederik, I did but could not find an answer to this particular setting. Luckly @paulvanderlaan handed me the logical solution via Slack:

        <rule name="variations01">
                <condition minimum="300" maximum="700" name="weight" />
            <sub name="glyph" with="glyph.rvrn01" />
        <rule name="variations02">
                <condition minimum="701" maximum="1000" name="weight" />
            <sub name="glyph" with="glyph.rvrn02" />

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  • to specify:
    not: <sub name="Glyph" with="Glyph.rvrn" />
    but: <sub name="Glyph" with="Glyph.intr" with="Glyph.rvrn" />
    For example use
    "Glyph" minimum="100" maximum="300"
    "Glyph.intr" minimum="300" maximum="700"
    "Glyph.rvrn" minimum="700" maximum="1000"

    As far as I can see, there is no way to do this, but I’d like to have this confirmed.

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