SOLVED MakeOTFShellError?

  • Hi,

    Generate font stops working seemingly after building accented glyphs and I receive this error.
    Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 09.51.51.png
    If someone can see what I'm doing wrong I would be very grateful, thanks.

  • admin

    This does not delete the wrongly named glyph, just in case you store your best drawing there...

    Uncomment what you need: read from file and save
    or get the current font
    Best would be to read and fix the .ufo directly
    import defcon
    # f = defcon.Font("path/to/font.ufo")
    f = CurrentFont().asDefcon()
    if "" in f.keys():
        f[""].name = "has_a_weird_empty_name_please_change_it"

    good luck

  • admin

    How do you end up with a glyph with no name (empty string)?

    this is not allowed :( the kid needs a name

    lots will go wrong in different unexpected places

  • Hey @roberto-arista, yes it's 3.5b Big Sur. Although I think I figured out the problem, which is that there was a glyph without a name in the file, which has now snowballed into a new problem (I can't export a font if the font has a glyph with a name with a value less than 1). I'm currently trying to figure out how to fix it but perhaps I should post as a new topic.

  • Hi @lukecharsley, can you post some details of your roboFont version? which build? which OS?


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