Export MM Pair List

  • Hello,

    this might be a ridiculous question and the answer couldn’t be easier but:

    Is there a way to export the current pair list from MetricsMachine so that I can import it into another UFO?

  • Did we find out where the problem with the Help menu is?
    I have no real problem at the moment, but it couldn’t hurt to have access to it just in case.

    RF 3.4 and MM 1.1.0 (everything recently updated)

  • The snippet works perfect! Thanks a lot!

    The help window still doesn't appear (I reinstalled MM recently, and Mechanic confirmed it’s the most recent version)

  • admin

    mmm, you have the latest version of MM (update it through Mechanic)

  • Ah yes, I was sure something like that needs to be somewhere, sadly when I click on Help in top menu I don’t get this window. In fact nothing happens and there is also nothing in the output window 😬

    But your snippet should work, I’ll try it next time

    Thanks a lot :)

  • admin

    please check the 'Help' of MetricsMachine :)

    MetricsMachine has a scripting layer where you can write your own tools on top of MetricsMachine!


    import metricsMachine
    pairList = metricsMachine.GetPairList(font=CurrentFont())
    metricsMachine.SetPairList(pairs, otherFont)


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