Generating variable fonts, outlines mixed up.

  • I made an otherwise working variable font with batch and a designspace file, but the outlines of glyphs got mixed up in the output ttf.
    If the source ufo glyph order is Latin-1 + alphabetical, it works. What am I missing?

  • admin

    there is a silly thing happening in batch when your source has no space glyph.

    This needs to be fixed, but is an edge case cause most ufos have a space glyph.

    Hope this resolves your issue.

  • My fonts do have space and it's also named space, which seems important. It also has to be the second glyph after .notdef and some other basic glyphs have to follow a certain order, atleast the ones named according to aglfn... My solution is to see what glyph order the compiler put out from a ttx-file, reorder the sources if needed and generate again. A bit complicated though.

  • admin

    yeah that is complicated... I will make an issue an try to reproduce it.

  • I think I also had a similar problem. When I make a variable font in RF4 + designspace + batch on the BigSur system, all glyphs in the font are mixed with unicodes. The same assembly in RF3 + designspace + batch on the Mojave gives an excellent result. Until I figured out what affects more - the system version or the RF3 / 4 version, but maybe this will help

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