SOLVED RF3 to RF4 discount + RF3 license invalidated

  • Hello, I have also not received an e-mail with an RF3 discount code. I sent a message through the form on site, but have not heard back. Should I go ahead and send an e-mail to But, more importantly, I'm wondering whether my communication, or aborted purchase of RF4 (I was trying to see if the discount would come up during that process) affected my current license. Upon opening RF3 today it shows me in a trial version, and when I tried to drop my current license in it came back invalid. Help? Cheers

  • All sorted now, thank you.

  • admin

    Im still processing all the mails...

  • Okay, update. My RF was looking a little different, so when I looked at the about it turns out I've updated to RF4! Osmosis I guess. That explains the the license not working. I'll follow up with an e-mail to "info...," but if there is anything on here I should know I'll keep checking. Cheers

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