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  • hello RoboFont world!

    back to the forum as a regular RoboFont user & developer, now that the RoboDocs torch has been passed to @roberto-arista

    With the RoboHackathon coming up next month, I am currently making plans to start upgrading hTools3 to RF4 during October.

    hTools4 release is scheduled for the 1st of January 2022 – more info in the hTools4 roadmap.

    About hTools3

    hTools3 is a large toolkit containing more than 50 individual tools and scripts, which are organized around 4 main groups (scopes):

    Batch tools – Tools to apply actions to multiple fonts at once: copying data between fonts, setting family data from plain text files, applying various actions in batch, finding & replacing font infos, etc.

    Font tools – Tools to modify various types of font-level data: adjusting vertical metrics, changing glyph order, exporting layers, replacing components, etc.

    Glyphs tools – Tools to apply actions to the selected glyphs and/or the current glyph: transforming contours in various ways, changing metrics, interpolating between fonts, moving & copying data between layers, modifying glyph names, etc.

    Glyph tools – Tools to visualize and modify the current glyph: preview interpolation, show distances and angles between pairs of points, show handle measurements, etc.

    Special hTools3 + hTools4 offer

    The single user license for hTools3 costs 120€, hTools4 will probably cost a bit more.

    As a special offer to raise funds for the glorious coding marathon of October,
    users who license hTools3 until 31st September 2021 will get a free license for hTools4.

    Here’s what current users have said about hTools3:

    “A few tools alone make it worth the investment.” – Hugues Gentile, Production Type

    “hTools is an essential part of my workflow, especially as a designer who wants to work efficiently but isn’t a Python coder. hTools is great!” – Jeremy Mickel, MCKL

    Thanks for reading & thanks for your support, see you in October!


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