Improvement to hold-command-to-maintain-handle-angle

  • Hi there! Had a thought to potentially improve the experience of maintaining the handle angle while command is held down:

    Situation: I command-drag handles to maintain handle angle.

    Bug: Angle inconsistent, and once I bring it back past the on-curve, it locks to 0-degrees, not the desired angle.

    Suggestion: Can the angle maintenance be improved? It looks like it’s constantly recalculating the angle as it moves. This causes it to change over time due to rounding errors. Of course, rounding will make it never perfect, but maybe the angle could be stored once on commandDown + mouseDown, so it doesn’t jump around so much and will always relate to the original intended angle. Angle changes over time, even though I haven’t let go of command.


    Apr-06-2021 18-07-47.gif

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