SOLVED Unable to connect two open contours with pen tool

  • A thought on open contours + pen tool:

    Situation: One open contour exists. Start new contour with pen tool. With pen tool active, click on other open contour.

    Expectation: Contours connect.

    Behavior: First contour ignored, and you're now manipulating the original open contour.

    Looks like you can only connect open contours to themselves with the pen tool, not two separate contours.

    Apr-03-2021 17-49-50.gif

  • @frederik Hate to bring up Ill*strator, but I actually think it handles this pretty well (no pun intended).

    Oct-22-2021 12-36-13.gif

  • admin

    the default behaviour when clicking with the pen tool on a start or end point of an other contour is that that contour becomes the current contour to draw into.

    what do you mean with simply connect?
    your example above; how should the segment in between looks like? a curve without drag editing of the handles?

  • @frederik Ah I see your point, but can it simply connect, deselect, and now it's as if you've just turned on the pen tool anew?

  • admin

    I have thought about this and this is weird behaviour cause you end up with your pen in the middle of contour...

    use alt click to connect 2 segments with a line segment.

    the edit tool has all the powers to connect/join segments.