Space Center: adding a glyph to the existing string

  • I've noticed that if I drag'n'drop a glyph to the text string field of the Space Center, despite the + sign, the glyph replaces the text in the field. Is there a way to change that? I've tried a couple of hot keys but it doesn't change the behavior.

    Thanks, M

  • admin

    yeah, will be in the next version!!

    thanks for the tip

  • In the meantime you can append glyphs by copying selected glyphs to the clipboard in the Font Collection and then pasting them into the text input field in Space Center.

    It would be great if we could eventually drag glyphs directly into the preview part of the Space Center. Dragging into the text input field gets a bit messy when you're dealing with lots of explicit /glyphNames. No doubt this is easier said than done ;-)

  • Thank you again for your prompt answer. Yes, I suggest this feature.

    technote: The quotes you're using get transformed in the email I receive and read in Apple Mail. In the forum, it looks good. Here's how 'alt' looks on my side: ‘alt’

  • admin

    That is correct: you can drag'n drop selected glyph(s) on top of the input fields and it the text would be replaced by the dropped glyphs names.

    A handy thing that could be added is 'alt' down for appending instead replacing

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