Close contour

  • In v1.3: close current contour on double click (Drawing Tool)

    While manually correcting existing open contours this method leads to an extra node. Anyway to avoid that extra node?

  • The problem starts of course when there is more than one open contour… But basically I don't care when RF fucks it up in those cases (you do), if it already works with 1 hotkey and 1 open contour it would be an improvement already.

  • admin

    ah, no, but will add a "Close Contour" hotkey to the todo list :)

  • Is there a hot key possibility in v1.3?

  • admin

    Before receiving the double click user event there is always a single mouse down. The single mouse down will add a point in the current contour. Double click will close the contour from that point. To remove that last added point is really weird from a UI point of view. (That has been tried out)