• Autosave does not seem to work correctly for me. An autosaved file is generated when I first open a file, but it doesn't make any further saves while the file is open. I have the setting turned on in preferences (to save every 10 minutes), and have tried having the folder in different locations, with the same result.

    Any suggestions?



  • admin

    I re-looked at your topic after a tweet

    And if I remembered it correctly it wasn't an issue when I tested on 10.7 but now I see the issue
    This will be resolved in the next update


  • Thanks Frederik,

    It only saves one file, but it doesn't continue to update the autosave file, which is what I thought it would do.

    • Make newfont.ufo at 10:00am - > newfont (autosaved).ufo appears in autosave folder with 10:00am save time.
    • Continue working on newfont.ufo without saving for 20 minutes - > newfont (autosaved).ufo still has a 10:00am save time.

    Shouldn't autosave be updating the file every ten minutes?


  • admin

    was there any change in the document? it autosaves only 1 version of the file (as default)

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