Double points when generating ttf

  • When generating ttfs (with the option preserve points) I get some double points in the ttf contours (for letters with more than one contour).
    Am I doing something wrong?

    TTF contour, where first point and last point are identical in contour 1.

        <pt x="306" y="454" on="1"/>
        <pt x="247" y="269" on="1"/>
        <pt x="380" y="269" on="1"/>
        <pt x="323" y="454" on="1"/>
        <pt x="321" y="461" on="0"/>
        <pt x="318" y="476" on="0"/>
        <pt x="316" y="489" on="0"/>
        <pt x="315" y="501" on="0"/>
        <pt x="315" y="506" on="1"/>
        <pt x="315" y="501" on="0"/>
        <pt x="314" y="489" on="0"/>
        <pt x="312" y="475" on="0"/>
        <pt x="308" y="461" on="0"/>
        <pt x="306" y="454" on="1"/>
        <pt x="660" y="0" on="1"/>
        <pt x="467" y="0" on="1"/>
        <pt x="417" y="157" on="1"/>
        <pt x="211" y="157" on="1"/>
        <pt x="159" y="0" on="1"/>
        <pt x="-13" y="0" on="1"/>
        <pt x="237" y="702" on="1"/>
        <pt x="408" y="702" on="1"/>

    Original UFO contour.

      <point x="660.0" y="0.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="408.0" y="702.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="237.0" y="702.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="-13.0" y="0.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="159.0" y="0.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="211.0" y="157.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="417.0" y="157.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="467.0" y="0.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="306.0" y="454.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="312.0" y="473.0"/>
      <point x="315.0" y="493.0"/>
      <point x="315.0" y="506.0" type="curve"/>
      <point x="315.0" y="493.0"/>
      <point x="317.0" y="474.0"/>
      <point x="323.0" y="454.0" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
      <point x="380.0" y="269.0" type="line"/>
      <point x="247.0" y="269.0" type="line"/>

  • admin

    Did some tests and this issue is already solved. It will be in the next update.

  • Frederik?

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