Can't open UFO: KeyError: 'None not in font'

  • Hello

    I am not sure if this is a bug, or if I did something wrong. I was working on a file in Robofont for quite a long time and saved it several times.
    After finally closing it, I can't open it again, Robofont says:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "lib/doodleDocument.pyc", line 281, in _loadFont
      File "/Applications/", line 277, in __iter__
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleFont.pyc", line 212, in __getitem__
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleFont.pyc", line 65, in _loadGlyph
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleFont.pyc", line 75, in _loadGlyphLayers
    KeyError: 'None not in font'

    Any idea what I did wrong or what I have to do to open it again?

    Thank you

  • admin

    can you send me the UFO file?
    i n f o @ r o b o f o n t . c o m (without spaces)


  • Sent.

    In the mean time I managed to import it in FL5 and also to export it as UFO from there.
    But Robofont can't open this new UFO neither, it gives me the same traceback.


  • admin

    Its been solved off-list.

    The issue was a glyph with an empty name, best way to solve such issue is to open the xml files in the UFO in a texteditor and edit the data.