SOLVED Batch extension (for generating e.g. webfonts) for latest version of Robofont?

  • Dear Robofont community,

    I wanted to install and try the probably brilliant batch saving extension from Frederik Berlaen … but I fear it’s not supporting Robofont 3.1? Thought that’s the version I get from

    Thanks for clarifying.

  • admin

    Batch supports both flavors inside a woff. It’s up to you to pick one, each of them has benefits and downsides.

    OTF will be close to the original while a TTF is mostly converted. A TTF flavored one can contain TTF hinting...

    Good luck

  • Works like a charm! I’d like to ask one more thing which I’m not sure about.

    When generating WOFF or WOFF2, there’s a checkbox for either OTF ot TTF. TTF is selected by default. Why? How would I choose the one or the other? Intuitively I would definitely go for OTF.

    I tried to search the internet for it, but couldn’t find any matching results.

  • Thank you for the link to the beta versions! I’ll download the latest and try Batch with that version.

  • admin

    It’s possible that the latest Batch does not work in RF3.1, as the variable font internals are changing rapidly.

    However the latest Batch should work fine with the latest RF 3.2 beta.