Glitch when hovering over guides

  • Hi there. I've been experiencing a glitch when my cursor passes over guidelines. Screen recording does not show the glitch, so maybe that says something about what level it's happening on. As such, I've recorded a poor iPhone video of me reproducing the issue. Happens twice in the video around the 5 and 6 second marks; hope that helps.

    When reproduced:
    Version 3.1 (built 1807052040)
    Guides local or global, locked
    Single window mode


  • admin

    in RF3.2 setting cursors has changed and it should be solved...

  • Hi Frederik. In testing 3.2, it seems to be showing the same behavior. Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 01.08.40.png

  • admin

    Could be that the public beta still had this issue, but hold you breath and check out the official release of RF3.2 in a bit.