How to make revert go crazy

    1. Add glyph, but don't save
    2. Attempt to revert all glyphs

    When you invoke revert, it will include the new glyph in the list of possible glyphs to revert. But when it attempts to do so, it won't find a corresponding glif file and throw an error.

  • Or maybe just simplify it to an all-or-nothing operation. That's how it's usually implemented. It's a useful function to have in the file menu, because it's a common need, and it saves some clicking and mousing.

  • admin

    a know issue :)

    Im rather thinking of removing "revert" then fixing this cause it really hard to update/revert added or removed glyphs....
    and this can be handled by closing and not saving and reopening the document.

  • The problem also happens in reverse:

    1. Remove a glyph
    2. Attempt to revert all glyphs

    This time, because the glyph is gone, it won't show up in the list of possible glyphs to revert, so you can't get it back without closing & reopening the file.

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